About Yogi Lalit


Yogi Lalit (RYT 500) is an experienced teacher who had been teaching yoga for 15 years. He is originally from Rishikesh, India. And now he is co-founder of Embrace Energy Yoga in Bangkok. Beside that he has been invited to be a guest teacher by other countries for example, Japan, Australia, France, uk,Vietnam and may country’s.

He is well versed in Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar Hatha Holistic Yoga, Iyengar Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga also he is specialized of Healing Yoga Therapy. His teaching is very dynamic equivalent to the needs of the beginner, intermediate and advance learners of yoga. His academy achievement includes a master degree (Acharya)in traditional Sanskrit, philosophy teaching of yoga, mantra chanting and other spirituality dimensions of yoga.

Currently, he is pursuing his PHD study in yoga skills and teaching methodology, Yoga Science, and Ayurveda. Yogi Lalit devote his life to be a Yogi and willing to help people to know more and get in depth in Yoga. Because Yoga is one way to make people happy life and healthy life. Moreover, for people who want to know more in spiritual’s path.

We have many students around the world came to our place to learn more about Yoga. Our almost 100 students came from all over the world more than 20 countries graduated from our school. For example United States, England, France , Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and etc. Now we are Yogi Family which has members around the world. We believe that our community will help this world to be more love and peaceful. Beside than that everyone has to have happy life and healthy life. With Love & Peace for everyone

Mission: Our school mission is to make every student have Happy Life & Healthy Life clearly captures the essence of what we stand for at Our Embrace Energy Yoga School. We want to aware your consciousness, mind and body by yogic and meditation practices